Our Services are:

We are engaged in providing wide range of services to the leading Indian as well as overseas organizations. Our provided services are:

  • Project Identification
  • Turnkey Project Consultancy/Solutions
  • Detailed Project Reports
  • Pre-feasibility Reports
  • Market Survey Studies/Reports/Research
  • Technology e Books
  • Directory/ Databases 

Turnkey Project Consultancy/Solutions:-

Our main business is Providing Project on Turkey Basis. We are setting up projects Related to manufacturing, Processing, Services based industry. We are covering almost all industry.

Detailed Project Reports:-

We at SCS provide detailed project report with extensive and reliable update database which are cost effective and custom-quoted containing technology and market information. Our reports are very economical and are available with latest data on demand. Our report provides assessing market potential, negotiating with Collaboration Investment, Decision Making, Corporate Diversification, Planning etc. Over the years, SCS is determined to maintain its authenticity as single source of critical project information in all major industries, accessible instantaneously and economically.

Major Contents of Detailed Project Reports are:-

Beginning: Project Introduction, Brief History of the Product, Properties, BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) Specifications & Requirements, Uses & Applications.

Manufacturing Techniques: Formulae, Detailed Process of Manufacture, Flow Sheet Diagram.

Market Survey: Present Market Position, Expected Future Demand, Statistics of Imports & Exports, Names and Addresses of Existing Units (Present Manufacturers).

Personnel Requirements: Requirement of Staff &Labour, Personnel Management, Skilled & Unskilled Labour.

Plant & Machinery: List of Plant & Machineries, Miscellaneous Items and Accessories, Instruments, Laboratory Equipment's and Accessories, Electrification, Electric Load and Water, Maintenance, Suppliers / Manufacturers of Plant and Machineries.

Land & Building: Requirement of Land Area, Rates of the Land, Built up Area, Construction Schedule, Plant Layout.

Raw Material: List of Raw Materials, Availability of Raw Materials, Cost / Rates of Raw Materials.

Projects Economy:  Fixed Capital Requirement, Working Capital Requirement, Total Project Cost,  Production Cost, Profitability Projection, BEP (Break Even Point) Analysis, Cash  Repayment , Depreciation of land building and machinery , Project Conclusion.

Market Survey Studies/Reports/Research:-

Market survey provides information to explore market potentials for products and services for expansion of any enterprise/business. Market research and analysis helps extensively to formulate their policies and Promotional Programme, Regional Development and Project Financing, Market Strategy, Impact of Globalization and Product Specification. We have prepared approx 2000 Market Surveys on various subjects which are prepared by our expert panels, researchers, analyzers and consultant engineers based on professional research and analysis on global and regional market for small and medium enterprises all the reports are based on in-depth market study and feasibility study.

Through our network of professional consultants we undertake the project report that elucidates the present market potential as well as future scope of the product. Market research helps Industrial Development Institute, Trade Promotional Agencies, Planning Bodies, Banks, Financial Corporations, Small Medium Entrepreneurs Public Sector Under takings, and Government Agencies. They all need to rely on market research /Reports to provide them with present Market Positions, Expected Future Demand to formulate their policies and programme. We also provide statistics of Imports & Exports, Exports Prospects, and Final Decision on Project Financing, Names and Addresses of Existing Units and many more details. All the market surveys are highly focused and extensive in nature.

Pre-feasibility Reports:-

Market review
Current and future Market potential
Details on capital, operational costs and break-downs.
Details of technologies and the availability of these technologies in various country
Additional feasibility such as land requirements, raw material, energy resource availability
Bottlenecks and Barriers

Technology e Books:-

We have published various Process and Technology eBooks covering various industry which are helpful for Entrepreneurs, Technical Consultants, Libraries, Researchers, Planning Bodies, Financial Corporation, Students and for all those who want to start business in the field of services, product manufacturing and trading business. All the books are prepared by our experienced team qualified and experienced Consultants and Engineers.

Directory/ Databases:-

We are also providing the Directory and Databases of Plant & machinery Manufactures, Importers, Exporters, Buyers etc.

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